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Small Business Bookeeping Professionals in Delaware

For over 19 years, First State Accounting has been assisting small businesses in Delaware with their finances. Our goals are to assist you in understanding where your business stands financially, and help you prepare for tax time. We provide full bookkeeping services and work closely with CPAs and other tax preparers who provide clients with income tax filing and related services.

A word from the CEO:

After working in a corporate setting for 23 years, I hit a glass ceiling and headed out on my own.  I thought that because I had so much experience in accounting that I would automatically be successful.  Well, that was not quite true.

I had knowledge and experience, yes, but NOT with the issues I faced when running a business.  I did ONE thing very well (accounting), but everything else (marketing, client management, etc.) was a guessing game and I didn’t do much of it well.  I burned out pretty quickly by trying to do everything myself.

I was many years in before I read the book “The E-Myth Revisited” by Michael Gerber. Let me tell you – it was eye-opening! It’s an older book, but I feel it stands the test of time. (Mr. Gerber has since written several other Industry-specific versions.) The theme is “Why most small businesses fail, and what to do about it”.

The bottom line is that you CAN NOT be all things in your own business.  You will be stretched too thin trying to be a Jack of all Trades but Master of None.  And since EARNING is the reason you are in business, understanding the financial aspects of your business is of utmost importance.  Consider allowing us to take that burden off of you.

First State Accounting will provide a complimentary copy of this book for any new clients who would like to read it.

Serving All of Delaware and The Surrounding States

Full Service Bookkeeping

Our service will save you time, effort, money and keep you “in the know” when it comes to your business. All business owners need to understand their financial position in order to make the wisest business decisions.

We also work, on your behalf, with trusted business partners, such as payroll service, income tax filing, etc.


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