Introducing the Staff at First State Accounting

Welcome to First State Accounting, where expertise meets experience in the world of bookkeeping.

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Terri Fisher, CEO

Terri Fisher, our esteemed CEO, brings a wealth of knowledge and dedication to the company.

With a solid foundation in accounting, Terri embarked on her professional journey at Dukart Management Corp, a McDonald's franchisee, where she honed her skills for an impressive 23 years.

This invaluable experience laid the groundwork for her passion for precision in financial matters.

Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit, Terri ventured out on her own, establishing First State Accounting, in 2003. What started as a solo venture has since evolved into a thriving business, thanks to Terri's unwavering commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

As the heart and soul of First State Accounting, Terri continues to lead with a vision that prioritizes accuracy, transparency, and personalized service. Our team, inspired by her dedication, is committed to providing top-notch public bookkeeping services tailored to meet your unique needs.

Meet Kyle Fisher, a valuable member of the First State Accounting team, whose journey in the world of bookkeeping is defined by a commitment to excellence and diverse professional experiences.

While in high school, Kyle began his career journey at Staples, where he immersed himself in the dynamic realms of the Tech and Printing departments for a span of two years. This early exposure instilled in him a strong foundation in customer service and a keen understanding of operational efficiency.

Eager to expand his skill set, Kyle transitioned to Nordstrom, where he spent five years contributing to the Asset Protection department. In this role, he honed his ability to navigate complex systems and developed a keen eye for detail—a skill set that aligns seamlessly with the precision required in bookkeeping.

In 2022, Kyle joined forces with Terri at First State Accounting, bringing his wealth of knowledge and dedication to maintaining the highest standards of financial integrity. As an integral part of our team, Kyle continues to exemplify a commitment to professionalism and client-focused service.

First State Accounting takes pride in having Kyle on board, enriching our team with his diverse expertise and unwavering dedication.

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Kyle Fisher